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September 24th, 2006

07:52 pm: Hey Everyone
Wow its been over year since I have posted in this journal, but I decided to post again im not sure why just yet. Its been a very long time since I have written anything really and that seems really sad because I love to write. So my life has been extremely crazy as of late, I was actually out of the country for about 2 weeks. I went to Armenia with a bunch of my family to chirsten my god son who is just the new love of my life. Its crazy to think that you could love someone instintly and how strong that feeling is, I was actually very honored with the title of god mother because i love him so much. He was great during the whole trip it was very surprising because he is just turning 1 and hal, but he was a trooper didnt cry during the whole trip. As fun as the trip was im glad to be home and in my bed, i wasnt to excited about school at first but I think im ready to go back. Im not really sure what I have been doing before this, but Im ready for it now and I think I know what I want Im just not sure if Im capable of it. Ive been thinking more and more about medicine I think I would really like it, but Im going to keep that quiet for a while untill its time to tell everyone. We will see though I hope i could do it because I think its something i want. Well this was fun writing again hopefully it wont take me a year to write in here again.

Untill next time
Xtina :o)~

May 15th, 2005

06:35 pm: hey
oh wow i havent been on my computer for a couple days i missed it. wow my life has been so busy as of late first of all i had prom on friday and it was so much fun and man it was tiring i didnt sleep till 5 in the morning and i had work the next day totally sucked and now im like trying to get ready becuase im gonna go to armenia on thursday for two weeks im so excited but i still have to pack and that totally sucks.

im kinda bummed cuz im gonna miss the season finaly of one tree hill but my brother said he will record it i will kill him if he doesnt so im keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway im really excited for this weeks eppy i hope its good it looks good from the clips kinda confusing though anyway ill stop rambling.

oh ps read my story defining moments and tell me what you think about it


May 4th, 2005

11:34 pm: hey guys
hey everyone today has been a crazy day i am so tired with all these papers due for school and it coming close to finals im just so tired but im kinda excited because i started a new community today its called the oth journal and its a role playing kindav deal and i would really love it if you guys would cheack it out and pic a character cuz i think its a really cool idea and i hope its a success im not sure how to link it to this page but all give you the name its under

new community the oth journal

search user ilovenaley

thanks guys

02:09 pm: hey everybody
Wow i was totally planning on posting this yesterday but i was just too tired. well i loved yesterdays eppy i think the way they shot it was amazing espcially the seen with the girls dancing and they guys in the car that was really good. but my all time fav was the seen with nathan driving on the track alone wow that was so beautiful i was crying cuz he crashed right after he see haley get on the bus it was so so sad and then lucas wow props to cmm he really was good last night.

wow i was so mad when nathan said dont tell haley i mean i guess i understand but ahh their just prolonging her return but i here for sure they are reunited on the season finally so yay next season is going to be good especially cuz of what lucas is planning i dont know what but i have a feeling its gonna bring dan down espcially with some stuff i heard if you want to know just ask and i will give it up gladly i jsut dont want to spoil it for the rest.

But okay wow was cooper hott and gerret how cute the two brothers are on the tv together but wow does stupac look so young especially since he is like on ly a year in a half apart but anyway i cant wait for next week oh wow nathan and brook in the shower that awsome only becauase their has never been any brook and nathan o it will be fun just for one time kind a thing. and i guess lucas and haley if they decide to put that in or if this is pre breakup of nathan and peyton ahh im so excited please everyone keep watching you know it has been getting better and i get why mark shwane did it this way this season he wanted to make our third season extra good so we could have a forth cuz every series has their one annoying season roswell wwith theri third season, buffy when angel leaves so just have faith


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May 3rd, 2005

04:32 am: Hey
hey you all how is everybody is pretty late in LA i just finished my last paper for school finally and i just thought i would drop in and say. Im really excited for one tree hill tomorrow oh wowo its gonna be so good anyway ill have more to say after the eppy tomorrow.

name: Kristina
sex: female
age: 18

show: one tree hill, oh did i mention one tree hill
movie: The Notebook
oth character: nathan and haley(but im wondering about her lately)

list three random things about you:
1) i love heatlighting (its not just brook)
2) i am armenian
3) i love sports

April 30th, 2005

02:25 am: hey everyone
Wow i cant believe april is over already wow this year is going by way to fast.im new to this whole live journal thing but its pretty cool i must say,it cool to share stuff with other people with your same interst and sometimes not haha wow look at my horrible grammer thankgod my english teacher isnt reading this. sorry i tend to babble anyway i just finished reading a bunch of spoilers and its really frustrating cuz they all say the same thing which is like nothing. Im talking about one tree hill by the way for all of you who dont know im obsessed with the show and im so excited for the next couple eppys because damn its getting really good.

i know alot of the naleys fans are dissappointed but i get that the writters are just trying to keep it interesting because they are trying to go for as long as possible so they cant give it up and make it all happy right off the bat, but its getting good so all of you who were giving up on oth please i recomend you all start watching again because damn its getting good with dan and lucas and brook and well all the characters are being awsome and for all naley fans their is great hope that all im saying if you want to know i have some really good spoilers from some really good sources so if you want me to share let me know and i will email it too you i dont want to post it here cuz some people dont like to know, i never understood that personally so if you want to know just let me know.

well its pretty late here in LA actually its 2:30 in the morning i just came back from partying and im about to go to sleep or try to cuz im still pretty hyper anyway goodnight everyone.


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April 28th, 2005

02:05 pm: Hey everyone this is my story Defining Moments i hope you all enjoy it

Defining momentsCollapse )

April 27th, 2005

11:35 pm: hey
hey everyone so wow im new to this live journal thing and im really not sure how this all works so i could really use some help, but i do know that i want to kindav dedicate this to one tree hill so if anyone can help me out i would really appreciate it.

thanks kris

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